for kids

Buddies from a ripped cardigan (2015)

Do all unneeded things have to end up at a junkyard…? How did the book about little characters from a ripped cardigan come to life?
Brona Pleskova, an art therapist, crocheted 15 unique little characters from useless wool threads. Their life stories were created through poems by a writer Kristína Baluchova. Illustrations come from the brush of Andrej Sova who turned “the junkyard“ to an exhibition hall.
Sharpened Rose, Passionate Traveller, Hairy Bumblebee, Jingly Moustache… all these are funny stories from an undone cardigan. At the first sight useless and unwanted wool threads changed into real characters entertaining both children and adults and possibly bringing the environmental and educational lesson, too. Buying this book means a direct support of OZ P(L)UTO existence.